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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Plastic Canvas Table Runners

I've discovered that I have collected
quite a few books on
various crafting projects
that I had completely forgotten about.
Yes, I know, shame on me. lol

So, here is one
that I've worked in.

In this book I've done these 2 table runners:
I can't show you the finished product
since I've already given them away as gifts,
but I can show you the last piece
that has yet to be delivered.
This is the final piece of the
Christmas Table Runner
on the right of the second image.
I do wish I could show you the final projects
since they came out beautifully.
Maybe next time. ;)



  1. Those are pretty cool☺ I've never thought about table runners, but I have a few counters and such they'd probably look pretty cool on...maybe even a few fireplace mantels

  2. I really like them. ☺ I usually don't connect them though so you can spread them around to other places if the need arises. ;) I bet they would look great on mantels too! ☺


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