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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All Squares done!

Ok, I've finally gotten around to getting all 6 squares done but I'm still feeling a bit off about the open stars in the middle of the 3. Anyone have any ideas on what to put in them? I was thinking about matching the stars from the other squares. Other than that, all I need to finish is the border, *I'm also not happy with the way they've done that*, so, I'm still thinking on 2 parts. lol Here's all 6 finished squares:


  1. I tend to change patterns around some. I get a general idea and then go my own way more times than not {kinda like how I never follow a PSP tutorial exactly}

  2. I changed the colors and one area and I think I'm going to put another star in the cutout area. Well, I guess I'm not thinking about it since I've already started doing it. lol


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